About Meißner Tremonia

about us

Meißner Tremonia is a family manufacturer and classic soap factory that produces high-quality natural cosmetics purely by hand. For example, we boil our organic natural soaps and shaving soaps in many, extraordinary varieties and scents, in a centuries-old, traditional manner in a large copper kettle. All products were developed in-house and are manufactured in a very energy-saving manner… more

Manufacturing, Ingredients and Products

Traditional & handmade. We boil our soaps by hand in the traditional, centuries-old way in a large copper kettle. After it has been molded from the mold, our soap is cut and given the time it needs to complete the saponification in a completely natural way and slowly evaporate a certain amount of water…. more

Sources of supply

Would you like to be personally convinced of the quality of our products? The following shops, stores, barbers and partners offer our high-quality natural products in your area… more