about us

Meißner Tremonia is a family manufacturer and classic soap factory that produces high-quality natural cosmetics purely by hand. For example, we boil our organic natural soaps and shaving soaps in many, extraordinary varieties and scents, in a centuries-old, traditional manner in a large copper kettle. All products were developed in-house and are manufactured in a very energy-saving manner.

Tremonia – the old Latin word for Dortmund not only shows our ties to our hometown in the company name, we also produce exclusively in our hometown. True to the company motto and our philosophy “As close to nature as possible”, very special products are created from the best raw materials and with great attention to detail, which are now valued by customers literally “all over the world”.

The vegetable oils and waxes we use come from controlled organic cultivation, i.e. cultivation takes place in accordance with the guidelines for organic farming, the use of chemical pesticides, fertilizers and defoliants as well as genetically modified seeds are prohibited. Organic coconut oil, organic shea butter, organic cocoa butter, organic passion fruit oil or organic jojoba oil with their valuable and rich, skin-caring ingredients are combined with organic plant extracts and extracts from our own production. Every single oil has its special fatty acid spectrum and we combine oils in such a way that every product has the optimal care properties for its purpose.

For example, organic plants such as nettle, birch and green tea are extracted with pure organic alcohol instead of chemically denatured alcohol, so that no denaturing chemicals get into the end products. Prepared extracts contain chemical preservatives and are therefore not an option for us. Another example are fatty alcohols, which are used to provide consistency; these are usually made from palm oil. On the other hand, we use behenyl alcohol to provide consistency, which is much more expensive but is made from rapeseed oil.

We source our organic plants e.g. in Germany, from a traditional wholesaler for plants from controlled organic cultivation, organic plant oils from a German supplier in the beautiful Allgäu, who also supports sustainable projects such as a women’s cooperative in Burkina Faso that produces organic shea butter and can make a living through fair wages and working conditions.

Our premise “so close to nature” means that we – wherever possible – avoid chemical substances and use natural ingredients instead. When a chemical is unavoidable, such as B. a washing-active substance as a shampoo base, we make sure that it is made on the basis of coconut oil and has the greatest possible biodegradability. This also applies to emulsifiers, which are required to combine water and oils. Here we only use substances that are made on the basis of rapeseed and olive oil.

Meißner Tremonia completely dispenses with synthetic fragrances, ready-made perfume mixtures, silicones, parabens, paraffins and only uses natural, essential oils and extracts from resins and woods, which are mixed to create special, completely natural fragrances. All dyes used are of mineral or vegetable origin, such as. B. colored clays, ultramarines or ground vegetable dyes.