Cancellation and Return Policy

Buyer has the right to cancel purchase contract made between Buyer and Seller without giving any reason within fourteen days. The cancellation period is fourteen days after Buyer (or third party authorized by Buyer, other than carrier) has physically taken possession of purchased product(s). To effectively cancel the purchase, Buyer must contact Seller with a written statement (such as by letter, fax or email) unambiguously stating Buyer’s decision to cancel the purchase, at: Meißner GmbH ., Beratgerstraße 36, 44149 Dortmund; phone: 0231 2202775; fax: +49 (0) 231/ 39083469; email: This may also be done by filling out the cancellation form provided below. Filling out this form is not a requirement; an unambiguous written cancellation sent to Seller within the cancellation period suffices.

Reimbursement after Cancellation
If Buyer decides to cancel the purchase contract before the expiry of the cancellation period, Buyer will reimburse all payments received, including shipping costs (except for the additional costs arising in case Buyer choses a method of delivery other than offered by Seller, which is Standard delivery). Seller will reimburse payment to Buyer within fourteen days upon receiving cancellation notice from Buyer. Reimbursement by Seller will be done following the method of payment used by Buyer in original purchase transaction, unless expressly agreed otherwise. In case of alternative reimbursement method, Buyer will be charged transaction fees resulting from payment method. Seller holds the right to withhold reimbursement until reception of purchased product(s), or until presented with proof that purchased product(s) have been dispatched by Buyer, whichever is earlier. Buyer is required to send back purchased product(s) no later than fourteen days after cancellation of the purchase contract. Buyer bears the cost induced by the returning of purchased product(s).

Seller will only be charged for diminished value if the demise in value is caused by use of purchased product(s) other than is strictly necessary to determine nature, characteristics and functioning of purchased product(s).

Cancellation Form Template
When cancelling purchase contract, filling out this cancellation form and sending it to Seller will expedite cancellation and reimbursement procedure.

Send to:
Meißner GmbH
Beratgerstraße 36
44149 Dortmund

Fax: +49 (0) 231/ 39083469

  • I / we () hereby revoke the contract concluded by me / us () for the purchase of the following goods () / the provision of the following service ()
  • Ordered on () / received on ()
  • Name of the consumer (s)
  • Address of the consumer (s)
  • Signature of the consumer (s) (only when notified on paper)

– Date

(*) Cross out inapplicable.