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Natural deodorant on the basis of baking soda, vegetable organic oils and natural essential oils. Free from parabens, paraffins, synthetic fragrances, preservatives and aluminum salts. Effectively prevents unpleasant armpit odor for a long time without suppressing the natural sweat function of the skin.

Corn starch absorbs moisture and leaves the skin feeling soft and soothing.

Soda neutralizes odorous substances.

Organic high oleic sunflower oil and its high proportion of oleic acid make it ideal for the care of very dry skin and is comparatively mild. Due to its vitamin A and D content, it also has a soothing effect on blemishes and the skin absorbs the oil quickly.

Organic coconut oil protects the skin against moisture loss, is well absorbed and is ideal for the care of irritated, reddish skin.

Pure natural essential oils:
We only use natural, essential oils of the best quality for scenting.

Cocos Nucifera Oil*, Zea Mays Starch*, Sodium Bicarbonate, Helianthus Annuus Hybrid Oil*, Behenyl Alcohol, Cera Carnauba*, Juniperus Mexicana oil (and) Bulnesia Sarmientoi Extract (and) Styrax Benzoin Sumatra (and) Alcohol (and) Amyris Balsamifera oil (and) Cedrus Deodora oil (and) Pinus Cembra oil, Limonene**. *) organic quality **) from 100 % natural essential oils.

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Warm Woods




Warm Woods:
Woody, warm fragrance made from five different woods and balsamic resin.